Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas Taking The Lead On Adult Stem Cells

A bill could be passed by the Texas state legislators that will prioritize the use of adult stem cells instead of killing the unborn to get embryonic stem cells.

"The Texas legislature is working on a bill that could make it a leader in research using adult stem cells, rather than research that involves killing human embryos.

Medical ResearchTexas already has 30 facilities that are researching adult stem cells or are using adult stem cells to treat patients. Dr. Joe Pojman of the Texas Alliance for Life tells OneNewsNow what the bill will do.

"It creates a consortium of adult stem-cell research institutions in Texas. It creates a Texas Adult Stem Cell Research Consortium," he explains. "That's a big victory because it would enhance and promote adult stem-cell treatments and cures that are already effective in Texas."

The bill would also block another type of research, he says. "No funds would be going to embryonic stem-cell research and, of course, that's the kind of research using embryonic stem cells that is not working," Pojman contends. "It's not saving anyone's lives, and embryonic stem-cell research requires destroying human embryos."

Pojman says adult stem-cell treatments are being used successfully for well over 70 diseases and conditions."