Monday, April 13, 2009

Pro-Life Recruitment Up Since The Election Of Barack Obama

Politico is reporting that the election of Barack Obama has been good for the pro-life movement.

The first hint of a stir came just after Election Day, when the computer servers at Americans United for Life crashed. People were swamping the Web site to sign a petition urging President-elect Barack Obama to stand firm against abortion.

“I got a call from one of our guys, ‘We have a problem,’ ” said Charmaine Yoest, the group’s president and chief executive officer. “And I was like, ‘The problem would be what?’”

Obama’s first 84 days in office have been like an extended recruiting drive for the anti-abortion movement, reinvigorating a constituency he sought to neutralize during the campaign. Activists report a noticeable spike in activity as Obama moves to defend and expand a woman’s right to choose an abortion – causing anti-abortion voters to mobilize in ways never needed during the Bush administration. So far this year:

What impact this will have down the road is yet to be seen, but it is a welcomed bit of news in the midst of all the pro-abortion activity coming out of the Obama Administration. The only potential problem here is the propensity of the Obama Administration to equate those who are pro-life with being domestic terrorists. It could very well be in the near future that those who take up the righteous cause to defend the unborn will suffer real consequences.