Monday, March 2, 2009

Chris Matthews Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists

The rhetoric of "Hope and Change" means that there can be no dissent and if you dare then you will be marginalized. The media lap dogs that are helping to disseminate President Obama's radical pro-abortion agenda are salivating at the prospect of going into attack mode. The latest example of this is Chris Matthews calling those of us who are pro-life terrorists:

MATTHEWS: Kathleen Sebelius, very likeable, very impressive. I think of the woman who becomes the governor in Mr. Holland’s Opus, remember the one who comes back?


MATTHEWS: Who becomes the governor, the woman governor. She looks like her, in fact. I she gonna get through the, the terrorism of the, of the anti-abortion people?

ROMANO: Yeah I think she’s gonna do that and I think they’ve got a clear shot.

MATTHEWS: I mean verbal terrorism.

ROMANO: Yeah they’re, she’ll get through that.

Matthews tries to catch himself by qualifying pro-lifers as "verbal" terrorists, but it is too late for that, we know what he really thinks. Keep in mind this is just over a month into the Obama Administration so it is likely to get worse.