Thursday, December 4, 2008

Forced Abortions And Forced Compliance To Perform Abortions

One would think that the concept of forced abortions in a country like China is morally abhorrent regardless of your views on the morality of abortion. The advocates of "choice" are attempting to require others be forced into only being able to make their "choice". The latest front on the abortion war is the whether or not medical professionals are given the freedom to exercise their choice and not participate in something they find morally objectionable, in this case it is abortion.

This is continuing evidence that being pro-choice is really about being pro-abortion and being intolerant of any view that does not lead to the murder of the unborn boy or girl. This is even more troubling as our next President may restore funding to those who engage in forced abortions. One must infer then that to be free and able to "choose" such and such, means doing what Liberals say we must do regardless of our views. This Liberal view is marching us right into a totalitarian form of government. Democracy is killed by the democratic process, how wonderful.