Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Battle Over The Consequences To Having An Abortion

There seems to be study after study saying either abortion does or does not result in serious health consequences for the women that have abortions. I would recommend erring on the side of caution on this. The problem is the pro-abortion crowd does not want there to be any limit on abortion, nor can they tolerate any suggestion that there might be real hazardous consequences to a woman who has an abortion, and never mind the unborn boy or girl is killed in the process.

One interesting contradiction in the midst of this whole issue is that there is a foundation that raises money to fight breast cancer in women. The irony here is that this foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, actually gives money to Planned Parenthood. It seems that in the radical advocating of autonomy, the pro-abortion crowd, is willing to even sacrifice a woman's health by denying the health risks that abortion creates.


Anonymous said...

I have two problems with discouraging abortion by listing these consequences:

1. I don't believe they're true.

2. Even if it is true, it waters down and confuses the message. Abortion is wrong because every person has a right to live.

If a person wanted to kill their next door neighbor or spouse, the argument against that is that you can't kill another human being, they have a right to live. That is the ethical basis behind the law. You don't argue that you shouldn't kill someone else because it might make you depressed, or give you cancer, or affect your credit rating or some other stupid thing.

Todd said...

I agree that one should not ground their objection to abortion based on psychological consequences that result. It seems it is a way to build a stronger case as a whole.

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