Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Unborn Need Your Help More Than Ever

Now that the election of Barack Obama has happened, it is clear that we in the pro-life community have our work cut out for us. It is unclear if there are enough pro-life members of Congress to stop the Freedom of Choice Act from passing. I encourage you to stay focused, keep working, keep hope and persevere. Lives depend on it and depend on you not to loose heart. We have the truth on our side. Even if they accuse you of doing evil, be sure and have no doubt, you are doing good.

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Michael said...

As I understand it, Republicans still have the ability to filibuster FOCA, if they can muster the willpower to do so. So one of the things we can do is to contact Republican senators asking them to filibuster FOCA. We can also contact liberal senators epressing our concern over FOCA.

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