Monday, November 17, 2008

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Will Be A Target Under President Obama

Given President-elect Obama's radical pro-abortion past, in that he was willing to tolerate infanticide, it is no surprise that Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC's) will be targeted by his supporters. There has even been a recent press release by the Feminist Majority Foundation that warns people about the dangers of going to a CPC. There will likely be legislation introduced in Congress that could stop funding of CPC's, shut them down outright, and even if they do not receive federal funds.

Pro-abortion absolutists will not tolerate any choice other than the one they want that lines their pocket books with money from the murder of the unborn. I think we are quickly going to see what happens to a society that can no longer recognize true evil, and even starts to claim that evil is good. May God help us to find the strength and to prepare our minds and hearts for what lies ahead.