Monday, September 1, 2008

What Could An Adoption Campaign Do?

I have been wondering lately about all those "million" this or that movements of the past. Whether or not they had lasting impact might be hard to determine. Here is one that I have been pondering.

Could we mobilize at least a million couples, husbands and wives, to commit to adopting the unwanted babies of newly pregnant women? I am woefully ignorant of all the logistics of such a thing but it seems it could have a dramatic impact on the number of abortions in America. Not only would we need couples to declare their intent but there would also need to be a massive call for donations to cover the costs of going through the adoption process. I think many couples do not adopt because of all the hurdles and expenses involved.

Just think if there was a national campaign informing pregnant women that there is an option to abortion and even a demand. That would also call the bluff on the pro-abortion crowd that say they would like to see the number of abortions decrease, when that is always stated as an after thought. Imagine the profits of Planned Parenthood dropping so much that they would be forced to complain and ask for more federal funding? I would like to see what a national adoption campaign would do in exposing what Planned Parenthood is all about, abortion and not much else. Most importantly, it could change the tide in America and be an example to the world.


Benjamin said...

I believe this is the answer. Putting our money and our homes where our mouth is and quietly and methodically loving the orphans and unborn children of our country. How to mobilize such an effort of God? Certainly with much prayer.

Blue Collar Todd said...

The more I read Liberal and feminist blogs, the more I see the need for advancing pro-life legislation. When pro-abortion absolutists consider the unborn akin to a parasite or tumor that is invading the woman's body, adoption is not even a consideration for them. An adoption campaign would help those on the fence but I'm not sure how effective it would be without passing legislation as well.

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