Thursday, September 4, 2008

She Nicknamed Her Unborn Baby "Tumor"

The issue of abortion needs to be seen in the context of a world view. It is important to see Liberalism as pro-abortion not just pro-choice. Hence the new links on this blog to Liberal websites. It is best to go to the source to truly see what someone believes. One such place is a feminist blog which I found the following story to bring to your attention.

A woman finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy and the only way out of it for her is to have an abortion. While referring to someone who wanted to adopt it she decides to name her embryo "Tumor". If that does not give us an amazing and often hidden insight to what Liberals really think about unwanted baby boys or girls, I do not know what would. She discusses her trips to the abortion clinic to get ready for her abortion, it seems she has not had it yet. She discusses some different prices and even a discount package that is available. Those of us who oppose abortion need to realize that this is largely about money.

Any reduction in the number of abortions is bad for business. And since abortion is seen as a right, rights are only useful so long as one uses it. That is why pro-abortion advocates cannot tolerate adoptions and the good work pro-life clinics do. As pro-life clinics that do not offer abortion become more vocal and to have more of an impact in communities, I would expect groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL to try and shut them down or scare women away from them.