Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin's Baby Trig Has Finally Exposed The Pro-Abortion Crowd

It is difficult to assess the viral and over the top reaction to Sarah Palin's rise into political stardom. I think one possibility is that her pro-life commitments have helped to reveal how much of a eugenic mindset the pro-abortion crowd really has. This is so much the case that a Canadian doctor has publicly voiced concerns that Palin's decision would lead to fewer abortions of undesirables, in this case, people with down syndrome.

This is a topic that the abortion absolutists do not want to talk about, and the Palin nomination is forcing it upon them and exposing their hypocrisy on this issue. Abortion on demand justifies killing unborn baby boys and girls for any reason, but particularly in cases of birth defects. In the name of compassion, it is determined, that it is more humane to kill the unborn boy or girl than to let the child live and suffer for a lifetime. This would also unduly burden the rest of society who would have to pay for the extra treatment that may be required.

This has even got the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, flustered. He thinks it a stroke of brilliance by attacking Palin on the stem cell issue. The reference is too obvious to deny. Stem cell research is akin to organ harvesting. You kill someone else because there might be the possibility the more desirable person can be saved. Eugenics lead to the murder of millions of people in 20Th Century. It is now justifying the murder of millions in the womb. Unless the pro-life movement refutes this kind of thinking, eugenics could be back in full force on fully born babies, children and even adults. Keep on fighting and get involved.