Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time for men to be men

I want to address an aspect of abortion that may be overlooked in this contentious debate. That is the role of the father of the unborn baby boy and girl. I think that abortion can provide an easy out to the new responsibility of being a father and having to make a commitment to the mother. Even worse than not want to take responsibility for his actions, the man might be placing severe pressure on the mother to abort her unborn baby.

Let me suggest a response to this by the use of an analogy. I am a blue collar worker in the manufacturing industry. The people I work with, mostly guys, like to come up with one-liners to reflect how to deal with some new safety program or new situation. A phrase like "it is what it is" is rather popular right now. Let me suggest one for the men who have fathered an unplanned baby girl or boy: If you're man enough to do the deed, be a man and raise the fruit of your seed.

If you're not man enough to do that then try and make one fatherly decision and encourage the mother of you child to give her unborn baby up for adoption.


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