Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP Pick, Brilliance or Madness?

I'll go out on a limb and say absolutely brilliant. The Liberal spin machine is already trying to define Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as inexperienced and not qualified. She apparently has in her short time left a strong track record as a reformer. She is also the only one with executive experience among all the candidates.

Before responding to the Liberal attacks, let me first state why she could be what the enthusiasm gap doctor ordered. She has a compelling story and has made radically consistent pro-life decisions. She knew her newly born baby boy had down syndrome and yet she choose life and had him. This offers one of most clearly defined differences on the issue of life in recent history. The Liberal Obama ticket is abortion absolutist to the extreme, so much so as to tolerate infanticide of down syndrome babies. I think this will also rally the base and also maybe cause Democratic Party women to rethink their commitment to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Now to the attacks. They might say she was a mayor of a tiny town or only been a governor for a few years. Well, it looks like she's accomplished more in those two years than Barack Obama has in his entire legislative career as a state Senator and as a U.S. Senator. If she continues to be attacked along these lines, it only undermines Obama's credentials as well. They say she has no foreign policy experience, well neither does Obama. I wonder if that line of attack will pour salt on the wounds left by the way Hillary Clinton was treated during the primary. Time will tell. It will fun to watch.

Comments welcome. Especially from the female readers.