Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

Being a man I am a little uncomfortable reading and citing blogs by radical feminists. I know they like to call all men pigs or sexists. But when they go into hysterics over health clinics like Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) making a positive impact on women's lives and their unborn baby boys or girls, I must risk the feminists wrath on my manhood and character.

I find this particular bloggers reaction to the "dangerous" CPCs most revealing in terms of what the pro-life movement is up against. If one goes to a CPC website, chances are you'll find that all of the same services are available except one. Now can you guess which one that is? Yep, the only one not available is abortion. If these Left-wing feminists were really concerned about women's health, wouldn't they welcome the help to meet what is an apparently large need?

They would if they were not solely concerned about abortion. I suspect that even though they claim to offer adoption and other services they push abortion as the main solution to a woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. For feminists the only choice they'll tolerate is the one that leads to the mother killing her baby regardless of the real health risks to the woman. It seems the best way to drive a feminist crazy is to make a truly informed choice that takes into consideration what is best for the woman's unborn baby boy or girl. So I hope to see a growing number of feminists needing therapy or prozac in order to cope with the number of surprised mother's making freely and fully informed choices for life. Mother's who are not swayed by the anti-life hysteria of feminists who would rather see a mother choose to kill her unborn baby.